Coming Soon To 3716 E. Killdeer Ave. Post Falls, Idaho

Elevate Academy North

Elevate Academy North is a Career Technical school that will begin construction this summer at our amazing location within the Tullamore subdivision, south of Prairie Ave. and west of Hwy 41. Our first school year will start in August 2022, for students in 6th-10th grades (11th and 12th coming in 2023 and 2024).

Kids are at the heart of Elevate Academy North. The work of our school can be summarized in three words:
Hope, Opportunity, and Community


Elevate Academy North provides a service of education that inspires hope in students. In addition to helping our students connect their interests and strengths into their learning goals, we will continue to partner with local support organizations to match our students' needs with resources that are available to students and families.


Elevate Academy North has an integrated approach for middle school and high school education. The core learning is taught through career opportunities, allowing students to see how the learning connects to life and job skills. We believe that all students, who have the opportunity to engage in school and activities that inspire them, will be more likely to develop habits and dispositions that will lead to success in the workplace and in life. Career opportunities align with needs in the community and we will begin with Aerospace/Drones, Manufacturing/Welding, Culinary Arts, Health Professions (EMT, Wilderness Survival & Rescue) Business/Marketing, and Construction.


Elevate Academy North is a community driven school. We work with local industry partners and community members to ensure that what we teach aligns to life and job skills. Local, state, regional, and national support has moved Elevate Academy North from a dream to a reality. Elevate Academy North is filling an educational gap for students in 6th-12th grade who are struggling in school, and through our partnerships, we will help fill the employment gap for industries in our area.

Elevate Academy North shares the key tenets of Community and Opportunity Driven, Career Technical, Beat the Odds for At-Risk Youth, Integrated Purpose Driven Curriculum, and Mastery-Based Education that are empowering students at the first Elevate Academy in Caldwell. This responsive approach to education meets the short-term needs of its target population, while providing students an educational opportunity that will meet their emotional and academic needs through a comprehensive approach to educating the whole child.

Elevate Academy North will reside in a state of the art academic and technical building combined at about 40,000 square feet, and created to meet the needs of all students and staff. Our Career Technical Education (CTE) spaces are being designed by professionals in the areas of culinary arts, construction, welding/manufacturing, medical arts, business/marketing, aerospace/drones, and technology.

Offering relevant and interest-based learning experiences, while educating the whole child, is being considered in our design of Elevate Academy North. In addition to the CTE and academic facilities, students have a fitness center, mental health services, individual showers, a laundry room, and a cafeteria for breakfast and lunch programs. Elevate Academy North provides spaces to learn and play and will house an indoor, 2 story, slide to add additional energy and excitement.

Elevate Academy North classrooms are designed to extend into the hallways and beyond to enhance the personalized learning approach to each child’s education.

Doors open for students August 23,2022. For the 2022-23 school year, Elevate Academy North will offer 6th-10th grades, 11th grade will be added the following year, 2023-24, and 12th grade in 2024-25.